Something I’ve Learned Growing Up

I’m sorry, this is going to be short. But it was a long day and my brain is short-circuiting so this is the most important thing you’re gonna need in life.

Well, one of many things.


Can I ever stop telling you about books?


I have so many books waiting to be reviewed, I don’t even know for Wednesday. Leave a vote on the poll and I’ll see.


– A tired thenerdyhipstr 🙂


I went to Belzhar…

– Jamaica, Belzhar by Meg Wolitzer

This is a truly amazing book that reaches deep inside of you. It describes deep sorrow and magic with just the right touch of self-doubt from a seventeen-year-old who loses the great love of her life. Featuring Silvia Plath’s The Bell Jar, the wondrousness of this book will surely blow you away. Can’t put it down! Definitely 5/5 stars 🙂


Unnamed Poet


Grief,/Tears apart souls,/and hearts,/Pitch black, an abyss,/Struggling with despair,/As your lungs gasp,/For air, for comfort,/That is gone like the wind,/In the grim grey afternoon,/Your heart shatters,/A million shards scattered,/Away with the tide,/Cannot be found again,/In a dim reprieve,/Your heart mends,/With its dull throb,/Beating life and breath,/Inside of you once more,/Before it is broken apart again,/By,/Grief.


Fragments,/Of what once was,/Whispering inside us,/Dreaming of a heaven on earth,/The dusty streets blowing,/Unfinished arguments trailing,/Ears muffled with clouds and water,/Underneath and unaware,/A rare smile brought to the face,/The moon shines ahead,/Reminding of our purpose,/But we don’t,/Listen,/Ears muffled with clouds and water,/And human voices rouse us,/And we,/Drown,/One of the fragments,/ Of what once was.