Something I’ve Learned Growing Up

I’m sorry, this is going to be short. But it was a long day and my brain is short-circuiting so this is the most important thing you’re gonna need in life.

Well, one of many things.


Can I ever stop telling you about books?


I have so many books waiting to be reviewed, I don’t even know for Wednesday. Leave a vote on the poll and I’ll see.


– A tired thenerdyhipstr 🙂

Unnamed Poet


Grief,/Tears apart souls,/and hearts,/Pitch black, an abyss,/Struggling with despair,/As your lungs gasp,/For air, for comfort,/That is gone like the wind,/In the grim grey afternoon,/Your heart shatters,/A million shards scattered,/Away with the tide,/Cannot be found again,/In a dim reprieve,/Your heart mends,/With its dull throb,/Beating life and breath,/Inside of you once more,/Before it is broken apart again,/By,/Grief.


Fragments,/Of what once was,/Whispering inside us,/Dreaming of a heaven on earth,/The dusty streets blowing,/Unfinished arguments trailing,/Ears muffled with clouds and water,/Underneath and unaware,/A rare smile brought to the face,/The moon shines ahead,/Reminding of our purpose,/But we don’t,/Listen,/Ears muffled with clouds and water,/And human voices rouse us,/And we,/Drown,/One of the fragments,/ Of what once was.

About Inspiration and Being Weird

Being a blogger, running a blog is what I do. And to run a blog, you need things to post about. I mean like, sure, there’s the good old journal format, but with a off-task blogger like me, I can never stick to it. So aside from the Quote of the Day and the 1001 Books to Read, where do I get my inspiration? (Note that I only have like one other real post on this blog. Lol!)

First of all, I get inspiration from myself. So you guys all know that I’m quirky and weird, because that’s what I post about. I love books and I’m a nerd, so that’s what I post about. I love pizza and cats, but I don’t post about it. Uhmm… You get the idea. Anyway, back on track, post about what you know about the most. Like, for example, I love pizza, but I can’t do a how-to on how to bake pizza. My baking sucks, that’s one, and second of all, it’s not what I really know about.

Use your feelings! Turn that happiness you felt during your day into a post and share it with the world. Connecting this way will help you get through tough times when you’re on your own, because you know there are people out there who will know how you feel. Either that, or read a book. But it’s very commendable!

Last but not least, plan ahead. If you’ve got plenty of awesome ideas, jot them down in a post for later. So even if you get stuck with writer’s block later, you’ll have that lifesaver post. This is just a sneak peek, but sometime in the future I plan on starting a page about my writing journey, called Page 1 Chapter 1. Be ready to witness the horror of unedited drafts and frequent rants! But the principle is, know what you’re going to post about in times ahead, whether it’s tomorrow or the next month.

Happy face for y’all! My legs hurt from my hiking camp… Never going again. Pained happy face?

– thenerdyhipstr

Are You Quirky? Find Out Here.

If you are quirky, like I am, you should meet some of the symptoms listed below. And then happily go on with your day like you never read this post ‘cuz, ye know, we’re all quirky in some way.


Checked and revised: Symptoms of the quirky
  1. Having a particularly weird habit when nervous (e.g. reading while tapping your feet and humming and drumming your fingers and picking your nose.)
  2. A peculiar attraction to things no one else pays attention to, like the small flaws in gift packaging.
  3. Stares off into space abruptly, an on-off attention span.
  4. Resents a type of food that is internationally loved.
  5. Doing unexpected things in case of awkward silence.
  6. Sometimes can go off their head laughing.
  7. Makes up words that they go on using in everyday life.
  8. Has often conversations with themselves.
  9. Eating food when stressed.
  10. ETC.


AAND… that’s all I can think of. I assure you, I am guilty of everything listed above. Think I missed something? Drop a comment and let me know!

– thenerdyhipstr