About Inspiration and Being Weird

Being a blogger, running a blog is what I do. And to run a blog, you need things to post about. I mean like, sure, there’s the good old journal format, but with a off-task blogger like me, I can never stick to it. So aside from the Quote of the Day and the 1001 Books to Read, where do I get my inspiration? (Note that I only have like one other real post on this blog. Lol!)

First of all, I get inspiration from myself. So you guys all know that I’m quirky and weird, because that’s what I post about. I love books and I’m a nerd, so that’s what I post about. I love pizza and cats, but I don’t post about it. Uhmm… You get the idea. Anyway, back on track, post about what you know about the most. Like, for example, I love pizza, but I can’t do a how-to on how to bake pizza. My baking sucks, that’s one, and second of all, it’s not what I really know about.

Use your feelings! Turn that happiness you felt during your day into a post and share it with the world. Connecting this way will help you get through tough times when you’re on your own, because you know there are people out there who will know how you feel. Either that, or read a book. But it’s very commendable!

Last but not least, plan ahead. If you’ve got plenty of awesome ideas, jot them down in a post for later. So even if you get stuck with writer’s block later, you’ll have that lifesaver post. This is just a sneak peek, but sometime in the future I plan on starting a page about my writing journey, called Page 1 Chapter 1. Be ready to witness the horror of unedited drafts and frequent rants! But the principle is, know what you’re going to post about in times ahead, whether it’s tomorrow or the next month.

Happy face for y’all! My legs hurt from my hiking camp… Never going again. Pained happy face?

– thenerdyhipstr

One thought on “About Inspiration and Being Weird

  1. Bryanda Minix says:

    This is eery! I am, right now, at this very moment, seriously (forgive the redundancy; I’m still wrapping my mind around what I am reading), writing about a very similar topic. I took stock of my blog and realize that I am not consistent enough. I need consistent content (your plan ahead insight?… Solid gold), so I am beginning again the work of being a consistent blogger… with a plan… and a schedule… and also room for majic . You have helped motivate me to finish writing and share it. I like that I hear from you every week, like you are a friend checking in (i.e. made it home safely/ how’s everything going/ call me back turd; we need to talk). I feel guilty, because I have been a lousy friend to my readers. I am not calling them enough. You have reminded me that we are here for each other, bloggers and readers, and that writing helps us feel less alone. That helps me tremendously when I think about consistency. It’s about connecting to others, not about creating perfect bite-sized literally masterpieces. I’m going to work on staying in the conversation and being a better friend. Thanks for your words!


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