Are You Quirky? Find Out Here.

If you are quirky, like I am, you should meet some of the symptoms listed below. And then happily go on with your day like you never read this post ‘cuz, ye know, we’re all quirky in some way.


Checked and revised: Symptoms of the quirky
  1. Having a particularly weird habit when nervous (e.g. reading while tapping your feet and humming and drumming your fingers and picking your nose.)
  2. A peculiar attraction to things no one else pays attention to, like the small flaws in gift packaging.
  3. Stares off into space abruptly, an on-off attention span.
  4. Resents a type of food that is internationally loved.
  5. Doing unexpected things in case of awkward silence.
  6. Sometimes can go off their head laughing.
  7. Makes up words that they go on using in everyday life.
  8. Has often conversations with themselves.
  9. Eating food when stressed.
  10. ETC.


AAND… that’s all I can think of. I assure you, I am guilty of everything listed above. Think I missed something? Drop a comment and let me know!

– thenerdyhipstr


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